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Sunday, May 4, 2014



He should [if] you are a child of God [brand new creation] the Holy Spirit in you is far greater than the devil and all of his demon spirits combined. 

If you want to see this [I'm assuming you are born again] the next time you are attacked with [fear] simply say, SPIRIT OF FEAR GO NOW FROM ME FAST FOR JESUS IS AFTER YOU. 

If the fear you are experiencing doesn't leave I'll buy you lunch somewhere.

There are many evil spirits who are assigned by the devil attempting to cause us to sin.

Not when we sin but [if] we should go [instantly] to 1 John 9 and using this verse confess the sin and allow the Lord to wipe if [off of you] but learn from it.

Sex [Lust] is rampant now and this demon has caused the break up of marriages even to the place [a spirit of murder] came upon someone and a killing took place.

Understand, we're in a war for men's souls.

Almighty God is reaching them by love through us [unconditional love]. Satan is working over time to thwart us but we HAVE JESUS and therefore He can't as long as we [remember] who we are IN JESUS. The Lord taught me this in two dreams.

There will be more on this later.

Tonight kneeling at bedside love Jesus more than ever and thank Him for your life in Him.

Ask Him to prepare you to serve Him according to the Father's plan as in Eph. 2:10. He will be delighted.

Then ask Him to forgive America and Israel for going back on our commitments to Him.

Finally, [if you will] ask Him to bless our military and their family members.

I love you folks. Please pray more for me and my Joan. Shalom.

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