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Sunday, May 4, 2014



He should [if] you are a child of God [brand new creation] the Holy Spirit in you is far greater than the devil and all of his demon spirits combined. 

If you want to see this [I'm assuming you are born again] the next time you are attacked with [fear] simply say, SPIRIT OF FEAR GO NOW FROM ME FAST FOR JESUS IS AFTER YOU. 

If the fear you are experiencing doesn't leave I'll buy you lunch somewhere.

There are many evil spirits who are assigned by the devil attempting to cause us to sin.

Not when we sin but [if] we should go [instantly] to 1 John 9 and using this verse confess the sin and allow the Lord to wipe if [off of you] but learn from it.

Sex [Lust] is rampant now and this demon has caused the break up of marriages even to the place [a spirit of murder] came upon someone and a killing took place.

Understand, we're in a war for men's souls.

Almighty God is reaching them by love through us [unconditional love]. Satan is working over time to thwart us but we HAVE JESUS and therefore He can't as long as we [remember] who we are IN JESUS. The Lord taught me this in two dreams.

There will be more on this later.

Tonight kneeling at bedside love Jesus more than ever and thank Him for your life in Him.

Ask Him to prepare you to serve Him according to the Father's plan as in Eph. 2:10. He will be delighted.

Then ask Him to forgive America and Israel for going back on our commitments to Him.

Finally, [if you will] ask Him to bless our military and their family members.

I love you folks. Please pray more for me and my Joan. Shalom.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Christmas is the best time not to be ashamed of Jesus!

(DESTIN)  Nowadays, Christmas seems like a bad word.  But, Christ's birth is the best news in the world.  Thinking of a great gift or stocking stuffer that will be a real life changer? Get I AM NOT ASHAMED OF JESUS by Capt. Ben Marler.   Only $8 for 100 pages of powerful persuasion.  Available at, Lifeway Christian Centers, and Bayview RV Campground, 749 Beach Drive,  Destin, Florida.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Today millions will get set to cheer their football teams to victory all over this great land. If we get caught up in all of this I'm not too sure we Christians haven't fallen on Satan's slippery slope.

Let me explain, first a Christian isn't someone who believes in Jesus. It's someone who believes and [received Him as their Lord] and now they follow Him daily. [All disciples pick up their crosses and follow after Him [the Holy Spirit within them].

They arm themselves with the Word of God and cover themselves in Jesus [our armor] for they are going to do battle everyday.

Football players likewise also must prepare for they're going to do "battle" on a field where they can suffer horrible injures. Many risk it seeking a reward later like being drafted into the NFL.

We go and do battle against evil for we're in Love with our COACH, the Lord Jesus, and He's leading us to PLAY THE GAME OF LIFE completing His labors. [Establishing the Kingdom of God on earth.]

The Devil is our opponent and he has lots of folks on his team determined to WIN [or destroy all that God loves].

We see this everyday with drug pushers and sellers of alcoholic beverages everywhere supplying his version of "Gatorade" for his players.

In football we see the game is being watched by those who want to say, "WE WON" if our team defeated the other. [How God wants us to stop saying WE BEAT THEM.]

He would have us more like Him who has compassion and feel for the team that worked so hard to come out with a victory but didn't. Shouldn't we on His "winning team" have compassion for the lost for they have no hope at all. Let's remember we received His Amazing Grace at sometime in the past and they haven't [yet].

We're winners for our victory was won at the Cross by Jesus Himself and our names are already in His Book of Life. This is much better than being elected to any HALL OF FAME. Don't you agree?

We must seek Jesus today [if] we want a relationship [or be on His team]. All the religion in the world can't help us. I found that out long ago.

If you want Him to be the Lord of your life, tell Him, but understand He's not coming inside you to live forever so you can argue with Him.

I don't believe He's anyone's Savior until Judgment Day.

Many may disagree, but we shall see on the day we stand before Him.

Please pray more for me. 

If you need me, ask. I love you folks. Shalom.

Monday, July 22, 2013


If you and I have been redeemed [purchased by the Blood of Jesus] by our surrender to the Lordship of Jesus we must stay ready to "go". We do this by sharing our [born again] testimony as often as allowed. By being very obedient to the Holy Spirit within us. By reading God's Word in a disciplined way with the help of the Holy Spirit. By loving everyone standing in front of us [this may be the most difficult]. By making sure our true treasure is up in Heaven and the few valuables we have now are God's to use or give away. When we lay our heads down on our pillows we shouldn't be guilty of un-forgiveness to anyone. It's sure the most important thing to Jesus. If you recall, He told His disciples they [must] forgive one another not 7 just times but 70 times 7 or "forever". I forgave the murderers who killed my brother with a bomb leaving his wife with four children to raise. The explosion near my dad left him a cripple for 6 months. He just lay on a couch and wept. So, please don't tell me you can't forgive someone. You can tell me and God, "I don't want to forgive them". He understands but that's all. You have just told Him you won't obey Him in Heaven, sealing your fate to darkness in a lake of fire that won't consume you. Do you recall it was prepared for the devil and his demonic angels not you and me? Right now you [must] surrender to Jesus or realize you are without any hope. You know this is true, right? Please surrender now, not tomorrow. "Today is the day of salvation." I love you folks. Please pray more for me. I have a big day tomorrow, signing and more. Shalom.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


(DESTIN, FL) From the foot of the Destin bridge, "The man on the Bridge" is none other than well-known evangelist, Capt. Ben Marler. Since Good Friday, 2013, every morning for a couple of hours, "this old man" stands holding up a simple sign scrawled with the "annointed" name of Jesus, fishing for men's souls in a growing ministry he called, "bridge fishing." The 76-year old bridge has something in common with Capt. Ben, for he was born the year after its completion, in 1938. His father helped the men of Destin build the original structure using mules and slip pans, in a process that took 4 years. His father then tended the red and green glowing "bridge lights" with kerosene lamps for $5 per month, a task he took very seriously. As a youth, Ben fished for Jack Crevalle from it, and as a Party Boat Captain on Her Majesty II and Emmanuel, he passed by it for 20 years, and has ridden under it in smaller boats "zillions" of times. In 1999, the Destin Bridge was renamed by the Florida legislature in honor of the service of "Grandpa," Destin's first postmaster and citizen-servant. A book was written in 2001 called Highway to Heaven, because the edifice spans the glistening, crystalline green water and cars seem to climb into the clouds. It is a good place to contemplate the goodness of God. After 3 months, Christians in nearby Ft. Walton Beach began holding up signs on two bridges. Recently, believers in the famous family-friendly entertainment capitol, Branson, MO have continued the trend, which could spread worldwide. The scriptures say, "Lift up the Name of Jesus, and All Men Will Come to Him." Capt. Ben's experience of receiving honks of happy agreement and waves, flashing headlights and windshield wipers, and the testimonies of desperate people who were touched by God by reading His son's Name at a opportune time. Others have participated, such as students in Christian schools, military "guys," married couples, and people, "in the right place, at the right time." It is a ministry "anyone" can do, and it brings joy to those doing it, and those who see them. It costs nothing, but a piece of poster board and something to write with. If you are looking for a "concrete" outreach, Bridge Fishing may be for you. +

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


ARE YOU CULLING OUT SCRIPTURES: I'm positive the majority of "Christians" have removed Luke 3:16 from their Bibles. Allow me to reveal something very important. When Jesus was baptized by John, the HOLY SPIRIT came upon Him. Prior to this time Jesus was "powerless" to heal, save and deliver. Once the Holy Spirit anointed Him, the scriptures tell us He led [or drove] Him up into the mountain to fast and pray and become weak in His flesh. Forty days later when Satan came to tempt Him He had the power He'd left in Heaven plus He fully knew who He was, the Messiah and resisted the devil who left Him "until an opportune time". Now notice, not another person baptized by John or anyone else was anointed with the Power of God. In Luke 3:16 we are told explicitly, JESUS IS HE WHO BAPTIZES IN THE HOLY SPIRIT. No one else can but Him. Now, may I ask a question? Do you have the power to witness Jesus [on you]? If you are born again and He is living [abiding] in you [for sure] but unless you ask Jesus to Baptize you, you will live a frustrated life. MORE PROOF: Please notice when Jesus "breathed on His disciples [11 Judas had committed suicide] they wanted to go out and tell the world JESUS IS ALIVE HE HAS RISEN FROM THE DEAD. But the Lord wouldn't permit them for they had a [40 day time with Him teaching them first]. On the day He ascended into Heaven they watched Him go up and wanted to go tell then, but were told to "wait until Power comes upon you from on high." On Pentecost [10 days later or a total of 50 days] The Holy Spirit fell on not only them but a gathering of 120. From that moment on, the Gospel was going to be preached under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. There are, only the Lord knows how many today attempting to witness without His power. Are you one of them? Read Luke 3:16 and ask and [if] your heart is right with the Lord, "You will receive Power". He promised it.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


HOW TO BE HAPPY IN AN UNHAPPY TIME First of all happiness is always fleeting so if it comes enjoy it "fast". It can come and go in a few minutes so if you're wise, seek Joy instead. Spending money on a "want" instead of a "need" can guarantee unhappiness. JOY comes from the Lord [after] we obey Him. It's like remembering the day you were born again. This "experience" never goes away even when we're suffering. God planned it that way for He knows we who are His will face persecution and suffer. If you will [prayerfully] read the Book of Revelations you will see that many are beheaded [imagine that] in the end times. However, His promise is that they will reign with Him for 1,000 years here on earth before He replaces this present earth with a brand new one. Please check out 2 Peter to see it. At this moment I can assure you I'm definitely not happy due to shingles but I'm even far more unhappy because few seem to know they are lost in their sins. Unless Jesus lives in your heart, you are lost. Please read 1 John 5, or the five chapters in this incredibly important book and it will convince you, we must have Him. I Love you folks. I'm doing my part but that's all the Lord will permit me. Please pray more for me.


VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: How many Catholics will be in Heaven? Answer: The same number as Baptist or any other denomination, all who are born again, that's all. Folks, when Jesus [who is Emmanuel] says we MUST DO SOMETHING it's not up for discussion. If you've "received Him" as the Lord of your life [He's in control of it] you and I, and all who've also surrendered, now have our names in the Book of Life. Please memorize John 1:12 However, those who say, "I believe in Jesus or [God] but refuse to pick up their crosses daily [as required to be a disciple] must surrender it too to be saved. Religion is not of God Almighty. Relationship is His intention and He's not culling out anyone. We can "cull" ourselves by insisting on attempting to work our way into heaven or equally bad trying to [believe] our way into it. Do you know anyone who believes in Jesus more than the devil and his rebellious demonic host? If you do please tell me, I want to know. NAIL THIS DOWN SOMEWHERE: "I am loved as much as anyone on the planet. Jesus created me in my mother's womb and gave me special gifts, talents and abilities so I could be great. He added my own unique finger prints to my fingers to prove just how much He loved me personally. He gave me a will that I use daily but mostly wrongly. He wants to take over my will so I can have His assurance I will never die. He tells me my name will be added to the Book of Life when I surrender". Now, if you place that some where you can see it, sooner or later it will get to you and you will actually do what I've done, and many millions [not billions] before you. You've actually been born again and adopted into the family of God. HALLELUJAH: The angels are rejoicing over you. So, then go tell someone, OK? I love you tons. Please pray I can continue to serve my King as He commands me.


WHAT'S SATAN UP TO NOW: He's using his regular game plan for it's worked for a very long time. First it's to cause folks to doubt God and His Word. Or, confuse them with folks who will attempt to make It say something other than what God intended. Here's a good way to find out if he is making inroads into your life, did you awaken today to please Jesus? If you didn't, you have a problem. Those who have Jesus in their hearts live only to please Him. So, perhaps you have one foot in the world and one seeking the relationship offered [only] when we place our full trust in God's Promises. Do you recall in Revelations Jesus said He would vomit out the "luke warm". Be you hot or cold or "else". If Satan is [really] working in your life you look at porn, use drugs, drink alcohol excessively and get drunk. Once drunk, he uses you as he wants. Remember this above everything else, he goes for your mind. Normally it's fertile ground and he can plant ideas, some leading to serious crimes. If you want to see the result go to the nearest jail and view those who allowed Satan access to their minds. If you want to avoid all this pain: BELIEVE ALMIGHTY GOD, PRAY AS YOU READ THE BIBLE AND BELIEVE IT AS WRITTEN, OPEN YOUR MOUTH TO PRAISE GOD OPENLY, OBEY HIS COMMANDMENTS AND FOLLOW THE HOLY SPIRIT. However, if you're still resisting becoming born again, the above is "worthless" to you and I suppose you can forget it. I hope and pray you won't for you'e [extremely] precious to Jesus. He died in your place so you could escape the Wrath of God which you're now in it's path. Only those who've [surrendered] to Jesus as their LORD are safe [saved]. Once we belong to Jesus, Satan can "roar like a Lion but that's all he can do" for there's no way the Great Shepherd will lose you to him. I love you and need you in my life. Please keep me in your prayer stream, God Almighty is hearing you. Shalom.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


(PHOTO: IF JESUS WAS STANDING IN YOUR SHOES [SANDALS] TODAY: Consider what He would do dealing with (life) as you live it. Do you think He would first spend some time with the Father? Then, would He spend some time in worship [dedicating Himself to obey] Him. Could He then begin to look through the Father's eyes and see like with a microscope the special needs in His path. I'd bet He's say to the Holy Spirit who was UPON HIM "send me" and allow me to please the Father. I'm convinced we do little of the above as part of His body the Church. Instead some tend to take a verse or two, or in some cases more, and begin to tear them apart using Greek, Hebrew and the other languages in which they may have been recorded seeking more understanding. THIS IS UTTER NONSENSE: God isn't impressed with this sort of thing. He said He made the Gospel simple to confound the wise [folks who enjoy this sort of thing]. Let's you and I arm ourselves with a reading from the scriptures where we first asked the Holy Spirit to teach us and then GO AND SHARE JESUS. I know few are evangelists but all are witnesses [if] they are born again. We have a story of redemption to share with the lost and they need to hear it DESPERATELY. If I was wrong about this, do you think He would have me repeating it over and over? It comes down to this, for us to be a disciple of Jesus we [must] pick up our crosses daily and follow HIM. I'm doing it but only by His AMAZING GRACE. Jesus said, "You can do nothing apart from Me." If you believe Him [then] let Him walk in your shoes or sandals today. You will know when He's in them for their is JOY, JOY, AND MORE JOY. I love you folks. Please pray with me and for my family too we all need more. Shalom.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


THE REST OF MY LIFE One thing for sure it won't end here on earth. I wish every person who is struggling would take these Words from Jesus seriously. "I Am the Resurrection and the Life. He who believes in Me, even if he die, yet shall he live. Whoever [lives and believes in Me] shall never die." So, when will my life end, NEVER. I look forward to being in the Presence of my Almighty God who created me and everything else too. The promises He makes are GOLDEN and to be ours they must be accepted by the simple faith He placed in us at conception. TRUST ME: Nothing He gives us is more valuable than our faith. I bet you don't think of it that way [YET] but please allow me to persuade you. In Hebrews 11 "God's faith chapter" we can see [especially in verse 6] how important it is TO HIM. He says, "For without faith, man can not please God for we must believe that He is, and He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him." Did you notice the two things within in the verse; one, we must believe He exists and two, we must diligently seek [after] Him. If we're unwilling to do these two things how can we expect Him to say to us, "Well done my good and faithful servant, enter now into the Joy of your Master"? We shouldn't for He's being very specific with us. So, let's get with His Program OK? Let's begin to live each moment as if we can [see with our eyes] Jesus standing in the room with us [or outside] if there's where we are for He's there by His Spirit. Now, we should make it our business to gain faith daily and there's only one way, from the scriptures. I'M CONVINCED: More folks weaken their faith "by studying" the Bible than by any other way. I think my faith is strong, but like everyone else it could be a heap stronger. Mine got this way with a daily discipline of reading the scriptures [for decades]after asking the Holy Spirit to teach me. Why not try this way yourself. You have nothing to lose at all but a mushy faith. I love you folks. Please pray more for me. I sure need it by the tons.

Friday, May 17, 2013


HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED WHY YOU ARE STILL HERE (AFTER BEING BORN AGAIN?) MY ADVICE: Ask Jesus (on your knees in prayer) and afterwards I'd bet my boat your life with "take off" as never before if you will obey Him in everything. Most folks are still grounded not realizing that once Jesus is alive [in us] we are only "passing through now". We've been secured in God's incredible love and our names are in His "small" Book of Life. At last we are FREE to do all that God planned for us, something impossible before. He's allowed me, as His vessel, to see wonderful miracles and some that occured long ago are still exciting for me as I write now. Just yesterday at Walmart I saw an older woman sitting and waiting on her husband. I stopped and spoke with her after a couple of minutes I learned she has a rare eye disease. The center of her pupil is deteriorating. I said, May I pray for you, she said, "yes" but indicated she wanted me to do it later. At my age there may not be a later so I simply placed my hand on her shoulder and said, Lord Jesus, thank you for healing her eyes. [One day He healed a woman's heart that was facing surgery after saying the same words except I said heart instead of eyes.] Did He heal them immediately? I don't know but I know this "encounter" with her was set up by Almighty God my Heavenly Father before He created the Universe. For me it was an Ephesians 2:10 moment. I never pass one up. I gave her my "If Jesus came today" handout which has my address etc. Honestly, I expect to hear from her telling me of God's faithfulness to heal her eyes. He has great Joy in healing folks. Each lash from the scourge secured healing for us who will trust Him for it. Look at Jesus in the scriptures that tells us "He healed all who came to Him". He's done it for me more than once. Thank You Jesus for suffering so much for me. Do you see why I believe I'm still here after my born again [experience] 42 years ago as of 5/23 in 1971. I know in my heart He still has things for me like this or I would have already heard His Voice, "Ben come up here". If you still haven't surrendered your life to Jesus so He can give you His and become born again, will you do it now? I love you folks. Please pray much more for me. Shalom.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Many who call themselves Christians are not doing the "works" God prepared for them. Therefore they lack His Joy in their lives. He said, "I want my Joy to be your Joy". This can be changed very fast [if] we're willing to believe what Jesus says. We are more than conquerers over anything when we live in Him. Why? Well, didn't He win for us our eternal life with His sacrificial death on the cross? Did He not rise from the dead and by so doing proclaim God's love is extended to those who believe He did? Of course, so when we are [born again] of His Holy Spirit who now lives [in us] what in the world are we to fear? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Satan looks for weaknesses and it seems all of us have at least one or more. I suspect he uses our "fear" [of most anything] against us like a robber who steals our belongings. If you are one who says, "I'm claustophobic" aren't you permitting the devil to keep you in his power? You bet, and today you can be set free. Go for it! The Bible tells us to resist the devil and he will flee from us. Are you willing to do that? Isn't Jesus Greater, who is in us [after being born again], than all the devils Satan has? Of course! So, the next time you are fearful about ANYTHING stand your ground in Jesus. Tell this hateful and disarming [spirit of fear] to go where Jesus sends you and go FAST. Trust me, it will go for God's holy angels will see to it. I love you folks. Please cover me in prayer for soon I will be lifting Jesus above my head where He will draw all men [women too] to Himself. Shalom


WHY DOES GOD LOVE US: There are lots of reasons but none tops the fact He wants us to be His child and will use His Amazing Grace to add us to His family. John 1:12 When He was forming us in our moms, He endowed us [like everyone else] with gifts, talents and abilities to bring HIM GLORY. Not everyone will, but it's not because they couldn't. BTW, we aren't supposed to measure ourselves against other people. We are all unique, and like athletes we should just look for improvement in our own bodies and spiritual growth. Believe me, He loves you as much as anyone on the planet, or anyone who once lived on earth. NEVER FORGET THIS. He's not mad at you, possibly disappointed, especially if you are disappointed in yourself. Give Jesus a chance to give you a brand new life. Do you want one? Whatever you do, don't see Him like another human being no matter how Christ like they are. Jesus is Emmanuel, Almighty God, with the Father and the Holy Spirit. His Holy Spirit comes inside us at our becoming born again so we can be one with Him. Are you willing? I'm praying many who have religion as I did for nearly 33 years will SURRENDER TO HIS LORDSHIP RIGHT NOW. Please do it now. No one knows the future but Him. I love you folks. Please keep praying for I'm still breathing for a while longer. Shalom. [\

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


DO YOU FEEL UNLOVED: If you do I can understand [at least part] of the reason. You probably haven't met Jesus yet. Also, you may be one who looks in a mirror and simply don't like what you see for you aren't pretty or handsome [in your opinion]. I fit in the not handsome section. You may look at your figure or physique and, being honest, detest it. Well, I have some very good news for you. Inside your body is a soul so precious to God He sent Jesus to die for it. It's attached to your spirit "permanently" and thank God it is. This "combination" is destined to live in an eternal body so beautiful and strong most would take it on in a split second right now if they could, but God's plan is always better than ours and He's saving it for you. At this time, We're to love the Lord our God with all out hearts, souls, mind and strength. SO THAT: "We can love our neighbors as we love ourselves." This is very important for I've found that the more I love folks, like I've been commanded, the better I like me [even in an old tired and troubled body]. I'm not complaining for there are billions of men with less physical challenges. Having said all that, I've learned from the old adage "what goes around comes around" is true. The more I attempt to help folks the more the Lord helps me. So, please look at yourself in the mirror and say your name then add, You are the most blessed person in the whole world. You are heaven bound and God is in love with you. Then say Lord, help me to help others in need as I fall more and more in love with Your Son Jesus my Lord. I gurantee you He Will! I love you folks. Please pray more for me. Prepare yourself, we have much to do and little time left to get it done. JESUS IS COMING!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

DO YOU HAVE ENEMIES: I hope you do

DO YOU HAVE ENEMIES: I hope you do! If you don't, consider your walk with Jesus. The closer you walk "in Him" doing the Father;s will the more enemies, whom you must love "extra special", will come at you. Jesus said we are to love our enemies for it's like placing burning coals on their heads. I'm assuming He means the Holy Spirit will bring them under conviction. I've seen Him do it and one day I placed here on face book how a relative came to me with tears flowing asking for forgivenss. What's so strange, I didn't know what he'd done, but Jesus did. He and some others had been making fun of me as I shared Jesus every day on our pier. What they didn't realize, they were offending the Lord. Are you willing to walk so close to Jesus you'll have enemies too? Do you recall Him saying, "Blessed are you when you are persecuted for My Names sake for great shall be your reward in Heaven." I bet Paul has a super great name for all of the Jewish Sanhedrin [minus a few] were against him. Notice, when you have enemies they're generally "professing to be Christians". However few will say they're a disciple of Jesus. I love you folks. Pray much more for me.


DOES GOD REALLY MATTER IN AMERICA NOW Of course He does in the "Bible Belt", but what about in the rest of the country? I have to wonder for abortions continue and mayhem continues everywhere. In some cites like Chicago and Detroit murder is a continous trail of blood and pain for many. Of course drugs are the main culprit, but why is it? Simple answer, people are turning to drugs to escape a daily life with out a relationship with Jesus. I include alcohol in this for our nation is awash in alcohol with all the problems it brings. MY ADVICE: You can choose to live for drugs and drink, which will in the end bring destruction, or you can choose Jesus and live with an eternal high. I've been involved in the Lord's business now for over 40 years and to be honest, it's getting more and more depressing. If just a few of His kids would take their "relationship with Jesus" to the darkness we would see an almost automatic change in America. Isn't this why we are still here after our conversion? I'd bet a lot few will like this message that I've been inspired to place here. Please take it very seriously. I love you folks. As you pray for America please include me. >


HOW WE PRONOUNCE HIS NAME REVEALS A LOT If you say "Jesus" reverantly, I suspect you have a relationship. If you just say "JESUS" you may have one, but is it very close? Only you and I can say. Would you believe I used to be critizied by some in how gently I said His Name? I bet I still am, and it's great, for somehow the Lord is at work in those who are "offended". PTL I love you folks. Please keep praying.+

Hearing the Lord and How You Can Hear Him

HEARING THE LORD AND HOW YOU CAN HEAR HIM: I've had a number of pastors tell me they have never heard the Lord speak to them. Some had been in the ministry for a very long time. I believe they didn't expect Him to speak. Has the Lord spoken audibly to you? I sure hope so for it's the most thrilling thing that can happen after our new birth. You know, I suspect God is speaking to His children all the time but they may be too "busy" to hear Him. MY ADVICE: If you want to hear Jesus speak, set a time [daily] for you and He to have fellowship. Now tell Him, "Your servant is listening". In my case, I was forced to captain the vessels too after my dad's sudden death and found I was so "over my head" for my work and responsibilities increased dramatically. Our fishing business included two large 104 passenger vessels that could leave the pier with a total of over 150 people fishing, not including the riders who often shared a pole with a family member. Nothing I learned at FSU was helpful for this. What I learned from my dad and mom was vital, "be totally dependent on Jesus". He always would see them through for what He had planned. And, He did the same for Joan and me. Due to their example and my huge need I spent almost an hour and a half with Jesus daily before reaching the pier about daylight. This included about 20 minutes of worship at the altar of our church. The hitch hikers didn't care for it as they were often asleep inside. He already knew my heart. As I read the scriptures and worshipped Him I began to learn more and more about His. When He added a jail ministry that gave me even more insight into how He loves everyone. He actually spoke the words audibly that opened up the jail ministry from one man He sent me to help to the whole population. IMPORTANT: When He speaks to you make sure you OBEY otherwise He may not speak to you again audibly. In the Bible He's always speaking. What He says there is spiritually discerned so ask the Holy Spirit to help you and He will. I love you folks. Please pray more for me.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday, January 11, 2013


: Now, I know there will be lots of push back on these words but take them seriously. If we always spend our valuable time in the [Old Testament] we are basically wasting our time. Why: Jesus fulfilled all the requirements satisfied as He died [in our place] on the cross. I LOVE THE OLD TESTAMENT AND HAVE READ IT MANY TIMES: Until we understand it [as permitted by the Holy Spirit] there's no way we can grasp the New Testament. But, once you do, move on. Jesus is the "unblemished Lamb" that was slain not just for the Jews but for mankind. Until we see Him nailed in our place the Gospel message means little to us. This is why so few are out in the fields "white for harvest" seeking to make disciples. BTW, This is a commandment. Please, I beg you read right away, [1 john amp]. Put it in your browser and it will come up for free. You will discover as I have that the Amplified Bible is excellent for removing [religion] the sluge that has been holding the Church back. I love you folks. Will you surrender your all to Jesus? You must to live with Him. Refuse, and I'm going to miss you. Please "communicate" with Jesus for me now. OK?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


HOROSCOPES AND "CHRISTIANS": No Born Again Christian [Disciple] would give this nonsense even a second of his or her time. Can you spell "religion"? Those caught up in religion are the one's most likely to check a horoscope before leaving home. This is a shame for it negates anything the Lord would say to them. If you, or one of your loved ones, are "caught up" in this demonic scam please take it up with Jesus. He's the only One that can set you free. In Luke 4 He says, quoting a prophet in the Old Testament, He came to set the captives free. One thing about being set free by Jesus, it's a million times better than that which criminals receive after serving their long prison sentences, for those set free, are FREE INDEED! I love you folks. Please pray more for me.

Friday, December 28, 2012


REVELATION: YOU WILL NEED THIS IN THE DAYS AHEAD: Satan is a master at the military concept of "divide and conquer". He looks for things both tiny and gigantic that he can exploit to bring division. In marriage there are always things that he can use. Let's begin by truly [hating] him and his tactics. He's the author of death and we must never forget it. In some minor instances, he's been able to cause such a riff in relationships they are [never] repaired and sometimes violence occurs. God said He hated divorce and for good reason. I suspect there has never been one that didn't create terrible pain for both people and all who love them. My mom divorced her husband whom she accused of not being willing to work and support her and their two small children. With tears she told me how difficult her life was afterwards and even when she returned to Destin with her two children she would divide what small amount of food she had between them leaving her nothing. Thank God her mom and dad lived near by and would bring her food for herself. Years later she married my dad and he never stopped working. If there are [tiny or a bit larger issues] in your marriage DO NOT LET THEM GROW. Remember, no one can change another person for change occurs in the heart not the mind. Go to Jesus and ask Him first to change [you] and then your spouSe. If you'll do this, God's Holy Spirit will become more and more the center of your realtionship, and your children [if you have any] will be exceedingly blessed. There's more coming on this subject so pray for me.